VirtualClass-P2P (Mhst12-19)

Virtual Class Application( remote class) using P2P network Technology.

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Welcome to VirtualClass-P2P Project.

Through this open-source project, we hope build the Virtual Class Application( remote class) using P2P network. Within our idea, each peer(student) not only receives lecture from "server" as in traditional "client/server" model, but also receive from another peers and sent its to them. Hence, this model helps utilising peer's bandwidth and reduce spending on server.


  • There are so many VirtualClass system acts as "client/sever" model, similar to online television.This kind of models are pretty simple, but it has disadvantages that there's only one centralized resource. If the server fails, the whole network goes down. Too many requests from the clients may lead to congestion, which rarely takes place in P2P network. Overload can lead to breaking-down of servers.For instance, watching a football match, now, many football fans prefer to chose Sopcast - a P2P model software. With Sopcast, user can have HD-quality, although "server" not so strong.
  • The P2P-VirtualClass is also convenient and good for community. Video-conference can allow two or several points simultaneously, while P2P model can handle a huge peer, from anywhere, just need a computer.This application has many function like Yahoo Messenger,Paltalk or Skype. This project was developed for education so we need to raise the video-quality and create essential functions to support studying and teaching. Each real class may be equipped Webcam or IP Camera and micro to broadcast up to Internet directly like live footballmatch. Students can choose any class like they chose channels when they use Sopcast. This system also support function help students and teacher can communicate, ask , and exchange about the lecture.
  • Our project will solve many problems of current education.

Authors and Contributors

This project also participate in Open-Source competition "Mua he sang tao" held by VFOSSA. Mentor: Ph.D Tho Nguyen-Dai :
lecturer at University of Engineering and Technology, vnu.
Developers are some students from University of Engineering and Technology
Hieu Nguyen-Trung K54CA -
Quynh Truong-Quy
Hoa Vu-Trong -
Duc Vu-Viet -
Tu Vu-Thanh -
Ngan Dao-Thuy -

Support or Contact

Hieu Nguyen-Trung K54CA -
or mentor: Ph.D Nguyen Dai Tho, lecturer at University of Engineering and Technology, vnu.